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ABC Toronto Vacuum have a broad collections of the brand name vacuums well known for quality.

Central Beam Vacuum
Canada's #1 Selling Brand

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In 1957, Beam Manufacturing Company was sold and Beam Industries emerged with R.L. Sampson at the helm. The company focused solely on central vacuum systems. Since then Beam Industries has been an innovator and leader in quality and performance in central vacuum systems.
The Eureka Company was founded in 1909 and  is one of today's leading makers of vacuum cleaners in the world. Eureka prides itself on being a full-line vacuum cleaner company who also produces original and replacement parts in its efforts to guarantee excellence performance.
Hoover, offers a full line of products, including full-size uprights and canisters, carpet shampooers, stick cleaners, hand-held cleaners, hard-floor machines, central vacuum systems and commercial products.
Samsung began manufacturing of vacuum cleaners in 1981. These high performance vacuums designed by the Porsche Co. are affordable. Samsung is well known for its quality and affordability in the industry. 
As we move into the 21st century, people look to true innovators, technological leaders for products to enrich their personal lives and make their work life easier. Panasonic, as one of the world's premier technology companies, is devoting the resources in its global research laboratories and production divisions to make that bright future a reality.
Sanitaire Industrial Toronto Vacuum
Commercial Solutions
A Division of Electrolux Home Care products

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Sanitaire Heavy Duty vacuum cleaners were first offered to consumers in the 1950s. Sanitaire commercial products helped the early commercial cleaners save time and money while giving them top cleaning performance and durability. Sanitaire commercial vacuums and products have been serving commercial cleaners for over 35 years. These long-lasting vacuums are durable and service parts are readily available and cost efficient. Some professional cleaners have been using the same Sanitaire vacuum for 20 years
Protect your home and family against pollutants and allergens throughout your home with the FILTERQUEEN Indoor Air Quality System! The Majestic surface cleaner coupled with the Defender room air cleaner create the best Indoor Air Quality System on the market. This model also features Better-than-HEPA filtration, superior cleaning ability, genuine FILTERQUEEN craftsmanship, and a world-class warranty to help keep your house cleaner and your family safer for years to come.
Our products are sold primarily through direct, in-home sales by authorized Distributors in over 40 countries
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